Apple Pay not working for some Chase customers

Apple Pay, a payment platform for iPhone.

Chase customers On Saturday, there were problems using Apple Pay: attempts to pay using Apple's payment platform have failed, although a “surprise update” is supposedly in progress.

Some iPhone users using Chase cards with Apple Pay found their in-store payments dropping Saturday when using Apple's payment platform. The problem was not with the card or account, but only with its linking to Apple Pay.

Social media posts spotted by The Verge describe glitches as the card is declined when using Apple Pay. This seems to only affect Chase, other card issuers are allowing payments as normal, and Chase cards themselves are also working fine.

The Apple Pay system status page states that as of 12:00 pm ET, Apple Pay & The wallet is undergoing maintenance, which has affected “some users.” The status page added that some Maryland users “may experience issues during maintenance work.”

Calling Chase customer service resulted in a 15-minute wait, and agents were instructed to tell users that Apple Pay was “undergoing maintenance” that included an “unexpected update.”

The actual cause of the outage remains unknown, and while it is clear that Apple is aware of the problems, there is no timeline for fixing them.

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