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Apple boasts it has cut greenhouse gas emissions in half

Apple is working on alternative energy sources, including wind 2 Facebook Reddit As part of the annual report Regarding efforts Environmental Protection Agency, Apple announced that its total greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 55% compared to 2015. Ahead of Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, Apple has published its now annual …


Apple's iOS 18 AI will maintain privacy on the device, not on the server side

Siri Expected to Get a Big Update with iOS 18 28 Facebook Reddit Rumour assessment   🤯 Likely A new report on Sunday reaffirms that Apple's rumored AI rollout in iOS 18 will focus on privacy using processing is performed directly on the iPhone, without connecting to cloud services. Over the past few months, …


Apple's FineWoven case and Apple Watch band lineup may have been trimmed

Apple's FineWoven iPhone Case 9 Facebook Reddit Rumour assessment   🤯 Likely A new rumor claims Apple has shut down FineWoven production lines for good, possibly spelling doom for the controversial accessory material. Apple has put a lot of marketing behind its leather alternative, FineWoven. The material debuted during the iPhone 15 presentation and …


If you're expecting a Mac mini at WWDC, you'll probably be disappointed

Main image of the article 0 Facebook Reddit Rumor rating   🤯 Probably It appears that Apple is planning to ditch the M3 version of the Mac mini in favor of a more significant upgrade with the M4 chip. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman previously reported that Apple will update the Mac mini line with M4 …


Apple's iPhone recycling is a safety nightmare for e-waste recycling partners

Daisy, Apple's iPhone Recycling Robot 10 Facebook Reddit Apple is subject to fire disposal program, employee theft and destroying working iPhones have been cited as big issues when considering environmental efforts. Apple has repeatedly touted its environmental friendliness when it comes to recycling old iPhones and other trade-in products. By removing old client devices …


Elgato offers a new attractive Neo line for content creators and streamers.

New line of Elgato Neo devices (monitor not included) 1 Facebook Reddit Elgato has released a range of new products designed to improve video calling, help streamers and podcasters, make Mac users more productive, and do it in style. When Elgato released the Elgato Prompter in December 2023, it was a virtual game changer. …


The House of Representatives passed a bill requiring ByteDance to sell or spin off TikTok

Main image of the article 2 Facebook Reddit The US House of Representatives passed a omnibus bill regarding sanctions against other countries such as Russia — but includes language that could force parent company ByteDance to sell TikTok. Lawmakers framed the measure to downplay concerns about banning the popular social service. Instead, the move …