Apple stops signing iOS 17.3, downgrades no longer available

by Julie Clover

Apple today stopped signing iOS 17.3, preventing iPhone users from upgrading to this version of iOS. iOS 17.3 is no longer signed following the February 8 release of iOS 17.3.1, an update that fixed a text-related bug.

Apple regularly stops signing older versions of iOS, so it's not unusual that the iOS 17.3 update is no longer available. Apple is preventing users from installing older versions of iOS to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date and to prevent downgrading to older, less secure versions of the ‌iPhone‌ operating system.

iOS 17.3.1 is currently the only public version of iOS available, but Apple is also beta testing iOS 17.4. Both developers and public beta testers can download and install iOS 17.4. The update adds a number of changes to the EU App Store, new emoji, transcripts in the Podcasts app, and more.


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