Apple Health Study Proves Anyone Can Run a Marathon Given Enough Time

You may have never seen it before – all the exercise rings are ready Apple Watch is ready

For about 20% of participants, the longest running workout was at least 10 km. In the walking study, nearly 54% of participants had a longest single workout of at least 5K—and nearly 14% completed at least 10K in one session.

The researchers also tracked how participants prepared for the marathon. They say the top 10% of participants with the fastest finishing times ran about 16 miles more per week than the middle 10%, resulting in marathon day.

Most of the participants did not run or walk marathons, but the researchers have data on how much they ran or walked. So they extrapolated how long it would take most people to run or walk a 46.2-mile marathon at an average training pace.

This time, using data from April 2023, they found that half of the participants would run or walk 26.2 miles in 90 days or less.

However, the study notes that this estimate may be underestimated. Apple Watch can automatically detect a workout and start tracking it, but not all participants have enabled this feature.

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