The code hints at custom Apple Maps directions coming in iOS 18

Apple Maps may get custom route planning in iOS 18

Apple may introduce a new feature to plan custom routes in Apple Maps, but little is known other than a code snippet for this feature in the iOS 18 file.

New releases of operating systems require careful preparation, so although WWDC 2024 will not take place until June 10, Apple is already preparing the server Part. A file discovered on the backend of Apple Maps suggests a new custom route feature may be incoming.

The code snippet was discovered by code researcher Nicholas Alvarez, as reported by MacRumors. The Maps server file is named “CustomRouteCreation”.

If the name matches, users will be able to create their own routes when planning a trip in Apple Maps. Currently, users can only select from a group of likely routes and subsequently add stops manually.

Apple will unveil updates to its services such as Apple Maps, operating systems such as iOS 18, and its rumored AI project during WWDC in June. The conference is held from June 10 to 14.

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