YouTube TV launches Multiview on iPhone and iPad; Android “in the coming months”

Google has confirmed that YouTube TV is now bringing Multiview support to iPhone and iPad, but the feature hasn't been implemented&#8217 ;on Android is not coming yet.

Over the past week, more and more users have noticed that YouTube TV for iPhone supports Multiview. The feature, which arrived on TVs last year, allows users to watch up to four channels simultaneously. More recently, Multiview has added additional options for customizing the display of four channels.

On iPhone and iPad, this feature works from the Home menu. tab, but only works with some games. One Reddit user shared a quick image (and Live Photo) of the feature in action, as shown below.

The feature isn't as advanced as on TVs, but it’ However, it's still useful, especially since March Madness continues this week.

Multiview should be available on iPhone and iPad via an update to the YouTube TV app for iOS, but there is a server-side component. On Reddit, YouTube confirmed that this feature requires app version 8.11.

Video credit: u/_oh_jay

What about Android?

Unfortunately, YouTube says the Multiview feature on YouTube TV will not be available on Android for a while. Specifically, it should arrive “in the coming months.”

Other features recently added to YouTube TV include a redesigned video player that can show sports scores. along with the broadcast, as well as a new “Last Channel” label; which can move between your most recently used channels. However, neither is available on mobile devices as both are available on TVs.

Are you watching Multiview on an iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments below!

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