Steve Jobs' signature on a 1976 Apple receipt will fetch thousands of dollars at auction

Steve Jobs' check at auction

Steve Jobs personally paid for Apple's phone in 1976, and the check he signed is currently up for auction.

The check, dated July 8, 1976, and payable to Pacific Telephone, is signed by Jobs and is for $201.41, tying it firmly to the early days of Apple Computer. Address: 770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto,” which marks Apple's first official address.

The PSA/DNA top grade of GEM Mint 10 means the check is in pristine condition and has significant historical value, signifying a defining moment in the development of personal computing. Predating the technological revolution initiated by the launch of the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, that is, more than thirty years, this check highlights a decisive stage in Apple's development.

The check is part of RR Auctions' upcoming “Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution” collection. It will end on March 21, 2024.

Steve Jobs autographed memorabilia is a constant draw at auction. In December 2023, another check signed by Jobs paying RadioShack $4.01 was also presented at RR Auctions.

Another notable auction included an iPad signed by Jobs, as well as an unopened iPhone, both sent as gifts.

Other memorabilia

Other notable items include an Apple business card signed by Steve Jobs circa 1983. A maximum of Five business cards signed by Jobs from any era have been verified by PSA/DNA.

Steve Jobs Business Card

Finally, the auction includes a letter typed and signed by Steve Jobs in 1983, in which he declines an invitation to speak at an early keynote event. The document, dated April 1983, states that Jobs declined to speak at Arizona State University's Computer Day, focusing instead on the upcoming release of the Macintosh.

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