iOS 17.4 allows budgeting apps to easily access Apple Card, Cash, and Savings data.

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Along with many other changes and new features, iOS 17.4 also includes big changes to personal finance apps. Starting today, budgeting apps can now access and import Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Card Savings account information.

You may remember that Apple Card previously offered integration with Mint. However, Intuit shut down Mint in January, meaning there were no budgeting apps that supported direct Apple Card integration. iOS 17.4 changes that by giving developers a new way to access this information.

Apps like Copilot, YNAB and Monarch Money have already added support for this feature. In the release notes for the update released today, Copilot says:

New: Automatic tracking of Apple Card, Apple Cash and savings through Copilot. There is no need to import any files or track manually. To get started, simply add a new account in the Accounts tab.

When you choose to link your Apple Card through Copilot, you'll be taken through a simple process integrated directly into iOS 17.4. You will be asked which accounts you want to import and how much of your transaction history should be imported. From there, all of your Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Card Savings account information is available to view directly in Copilot, along with your accounts at other institutions.

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