We are launching a new podcast series – Visioneers: Developing for Vision

I recently asked developers who create applications for Apple Vision Pro to send me their work (with the subject “WHY YOU NEED VISION PRO “), and the response was excellent!

Hearing the developers and seeing their ideas for the first VisionOS applications, a spark was lit. I think there's a bigger story to be told here in the early days of Apple Vision Pro.

I think podcasting is the best medium to discover and tell that story. That's why I'm launching my first Kickstarter campaign to help create a new podcast series, Visioneers: Developing for Vision.

Who are the Visioneers?

Visioneers are the VisionOS app developers who are creating the first experience for Apple Vision Pro.

It takes a special kind of developer to move early to a completely new platform. In this new podcast series, I'll be interviewing VisionOS app developers who are boldly daring to enter this new field before everyone else!

Why make an early investment in Apple Vision Pro before it reaches a broader target market? What ideas do you have to improve your life with VisionOS? Why does your application need to exist? We'll answer these questions and more as we collectively learn how Visioneers are defining the Apple Vision Pro experience.

Why a podcast ?

I've been a writer and podcaster for 9to5Mac since 2013. I co-created and hosted over 400 episodes of the 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast with Benjamin Mayo. Other podcast initiatives include the development of 9to5Mac Daily, currently hosted by Chance Miller. I also created the beloved podcast 9to5Mac Watch Time, a limited series about how the Apple Watch is changing lives.

Last spring, I hung up the microphone to focus entirely on storytelling through writing. Now I believe the best way to tell this particular story is to start a new podcast!

Since the end of the 9to5Mac Watch Time series, listeners have been constantly asking when there will be a new season.

I believe we create the best work when we follow our passions. Today, I'm completely fascinated by Apple's newest platform and the people who give it a reason to exist.

I think we can bring the same energy from Watch Time to the new series dedicated to Apple Vision. Pro is the right move. Let's bring Visioneers to life!

Why is this important?

The first days of a new platform are special. We'll soon be looking back at the early days of Apple Vision just like the original App Store on iPhone.

Visioneers: Developing for Vision will highlight the most innovative developers who are defining what it means to use Apple Vision Pro. The podcast series will also allow me to share my love of storytelling with listeners while exploring a whole new wave of technology.

I really want the visionaries to have a chance to exist so that developers can share their stories and capture this moment in time before it fades away. For this reason, I invite you to show your support for my project and pledge to support Visioneers: Developing for Vision today!

If you decide to support the podcast series, I will be forever grateful. If you can't support with your wallet, I am equally grateful to everyone who will spread the word about Visioneers.

Project Goals

Basic Goal – $6,200: 8 audio episodes

Wow, this is happening – $7,400: 10 audio episodes

Seriously, you are all amazing – $8,600: 12 audio episodes

Moonshot – $10,000: 12 video episodes 

How to support

Supporter: Donate $10 to help launch the podcast!

Early Fan:Donate $25 to start the podcast and listen to episodes early!

Super Fan:Donate $100 USA on help launch a podcast, listen to episodes in advance and get credited by name in the episode!

Episode Sponsor:Pledge $1,000 to sponsor a podcast episode. Post subject to approval.

Series Sponsor:Pledge $10,000 to sponsor the entire 12-episode series. Post subject to approval.

Thanks for any support!

— Zack

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