This adapter turns standard CarPlay into wireless one that actually works.

Do Wireless CarPlay adapters really work? My Honda Civic was equipped with wired Apple CarPlay. I really wanted Wireless CarPlay in the Civic, but it didn't seem wise to replace the entertainment system. However, there is a solution to turn standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, and it works with iOS 17 and iPhone 15.

Easy installation

Setting up the adapter is as easy as pairing with Wireless CarPlay. Connect the adapter to your car's USB port that powers wired CarPlay, and then connect your iPhone to the adapter via Bluetooth from the Settings app.

I tried the adapter when it arrived just to check if it was connected. A few days later I experienced a moment of complete surprise and delight. I took a short drive around town with my iPhone in my pocket, without thinking about the adapter, and CarPlay automatically appeared on my screen.

Expect some delay

Perfect! Almost. From my experience driving with standard and wireless CarPlay, there can be a delay when using the steering wheel controls to skip tracks.

The important thing is that the volume, track skip and voice input controls on the steering wheel actually work.

Wired CarPlay and wireless CarPlay using an adapter

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***October 3, 2023** *

9to5 seems to like to repeat the same article every 2 months. Strange!


***August 3, 2023***

I bought one of these about 2 years ago (based on a 9to5 article which was actually a sponsored post). It turns out that many of these devices are sold under different names, but they are all made by the same company. If you look at their website, their contact information is based in Shenzhen, China – in my experience there is little to no customer service. The unit where I worked for only 1 day. There was no reconnection (even though other devices connect easily via BT). Even after updating the firmware there was incredible lag (when everything was working). And even though I only had the device for a couple of days, the company wouldn't accept returns or replacements—I'd probably be better off ordering through Amazon and taking advantage of their return policy. After reading the frustrations of other buyers, I realized that these wireless adapters are not always reliable – I am quite happy with a wired CarPlay connection.

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Standard CarPlay comes into effect when if you connect a Lightning or USB-C cable

CarPlay Wireless Adapter

The advantage is that that the adapter is receiving firmware updates! It may already be available, but I didn't have the patience to run it during installation. I will update this article if it resolves any issue.

I have been incredibly happy with the CarLink adapter for many years. I highly recommend trying this adapter or a similar one if you already have CarPlay but want it wireless.

The price can be much more affordable than buying a stock Wireless CarPlay head unit and paying to install it . The adapter currently sells for about $55 on Amazon.

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