The Apple Vision Pro's glass may not break easily, but it is very scratch-sensitive.

With Apple Vision Pro now available in stores and in the hands of thousands of customers in the US, we&#8217 I've seen plenty of hands-on testing and, of course, some drop tests. Although the Vision Pro's front glass has proven to be quite resistant to accidental damage, new tests show that it is very sensitive to scratches.

Apple Vision Pro isn't exactly scratch-proof

JerryRigEverything, a company known for subjecting new products to extremes loads to check their durability, shared an analysis of Apple Vision Pro. While this isn't the first time an Apple headset has been dismantled online, the YouTuber has done some experimenting with the glass on the front covering the cameras, sensors, and EyeSight display.

The results are not as impressive for some people. Typically, laminated glass has a plastic layer that makes it more stable and less prone to breakage. However, for some reason, the Vision Pro's laminated glass has a plastic layer on top.

This makes the Vision Pro's external display extremely easy to scratch. A test based on the Mohs mineral hardness scale shows that the Vision Pro's front glass is lightly scratched at level two, with deeper scratches at level three. The glass of most smartphones is scratched at levels six and seven.

In other words, this means that objects such as keys, coins, and even dust can leave permanent scratches on the glass. Unsurprisingly, the Vision Pro comes with a special cover for the external display and a polishing cloth. Apple charges $799 to replace the front glass of the Vision Pro.

On the other hand, the plastic cover seems to make the Vision Pro more resistant to accidental damage. In AppleTrack's drop test, the Vision Pro had to be dropped to the floor several times before the glass shattered. However, as JerryRigEverything showed, glass is quite easy to scratch.

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