Apple Vision Pro may take four generations to perfect

Apple Vision Pro

It may take several years for Apple to perfect Apple Vision Pro, a report says. the staff working on the headsets believed it might take four generations to complete.

Apple's first-generation product releases are usually impressive, as evidenced by the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. However, it usually takes several iterations before the products become exceptionally good.

Although reviews of the headset suggest it hints at Apple's future, given the limitations of current technology, some inside Apple have similar feelings about the device.

In Bloomberg's Sunday “Power On” newsletter, Mark Gurman writes that Apple Vision Pro is “more a preview of the future than the future itself. It’s too heavy and bulky, and the battery life is too long.” too short, and not enough specialized applications.” Gurman adds that VisionOS has more bugs than you'd expect from an Apple product, “even a first-generation product.”

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As for when to expect When the best one will appear version of the headset, Gurman suggests adjusting the software update process to speed up the release of bug fixes. The software “feels” like a beta version, and in about a year it will be mature enough for everyday consumer use, he adds.

In general, Gurman refers to “some people in the Vision Products Group” inside Apple who say that “it could be four generations before the device reaches its ideal shape.” This is said to be similar to the development of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Until Apple releases an improved version, “Vision Pro is essentially a prototype—just one that you have to pay Apple for the privilege of testing,” Gurman sums up.

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