Spotify adds 'Jam' feature for listening to live parties to its desktop app

Spotify announced Thursday that it is introducing its version of “Jam” Live party listening feature for desktop users. The feature was introduced last year to the Spotify app for iOS and Android and allows users to create real-time listening sessions that other people can join wherever they are.

Spotify Jam is now available for desktop users on macOS and Windows

“You can now start or join a listening group with your friends, family, colleagues and classmates using the Spotify desktop app in addition to the mobile app” Spotify announced this on its blog.

Jam, a personalized live listening session that allows any group to tune in together. Jam takes some of our popular social features and combines them with our personalization technology to make connecting with friends better than ever. With Jam, Premium subscribers will be able to invite others to contribute through a shared queue and enjoy music created specifically for everyone who listens.

With Jam, desktop users can share their listening experience with others in real time, remotely or in person. According to Spotify, using Jam is better for communication than simply sharing links to songs or playlists with other people. And for those who want to try Jam on the desktop version of Spotify, here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Spotify appon your Mac or PC
  2. Right-click on a song or playlist.
  3. Select Start Jam strong>

Once you start a Jam show, you can invite other people to join using a link or QR code. Of course, if you're on a desktop computer, you can join the Jam using a link someone else shared. Everyone will be able to sync their listening session in real time, and anyone can add a song or album to the queue.

As part of the update, Spotify is also updating how the queue works in its desktop app by moving it around. on the right side panel. “The Queue, now found in the right sidebar, allows you to browse content in the main area of ​​the app while keeping an eye on what's playing next or the current Jam you're participating in.”

It's worth noting that while the Jam is available to both free and premium Spotify users, only Premium subscribers can join the Jam remotely, while free users can join a Jam session in person. Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your computer to access the new Jam feature.

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