Former Oculus boss calls Apple Vision Pro a 'redesigned development kit'

Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset from Apple. Launching at $3,499, Apple's Vision Pro has received widespread praise for its technology, but has also been criticized for its lack of apps and high price. For Hugo Barra, former vice president of Android and head of Oculus at Meta, Apple's headset is a “redesigned development kit.

Is Apple Vision Pro an expensive “kit for development”?

Barra shared his thoughts on Apple Vision Pro as a product on his personal blog. For those unfamiliar, Hugo Barra is a computer scientist who held a number of positions at Google before becoming vice president of Android in 2012. He joined Facebook (now Meta) in 2017 as head of the Oculus division. He is now the CEO of Detect, a health technology startup.

The executive admits that Vision Pro is “the North Star the virtual reality industry needs.” Calling himself a “VR enthusiast,” Barra says his team at Meta always said that Apple entering the VR industry would be the best thing that could happen to Oculus, as it would push Meta to do whatever it could to improve its headsets. .

Now that the Vision Pro is a reality, Barra truly believes that Apple has raised the bar by showing something that could “ultimately lead to consumer demand in the mass market”; when it comes to VR devices. Of course, there's still a long way to go, and Barra believes Vision Pro is still a “development kit.” it has been put into the hands of consumers who can afford it.

“Due to its heavy weight, the Vision Pro inevitably landed in the world as a high-quality “kit for development”, created to capture the curiosity, hearts and attention of everyone. minds with their magic (especially through the voices of enthusiastic tech influencers), while realistically targeting developers as their primary audience. In other words, Vision Pro is a development kit that helps prepare the world for a more popular Apple VR headset that can fit the market in a generation or two.”

Even so, Barra believes Apple Vision Pro is a promising device that will make ordinary users more interested in virtual reality. In his full article, Barra discusses other technical aspects of the Vision Pro, such as apps, sensors, and displays, comparing them to other headsets.

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