One of Apple Silicon's best games will be free to play this weekend

'No Mans Sky' you can play for free until February 19.

Space simulator No Mans Sky has received a new update, and to celebrate, they've made the game free to play from February 15th to 19th.

Eight years after launch and 24 major updates later, Hello Games' No Mans Sky has another update. To celebrate Omega's update, the game was free to play over the weekend.

“This is an opportunity for new players to try No Man's Sky, and for existing players to welcome them to the community,” the developers wrote in their blog. “There are no microtransactions, no free game mechanics, just a huge universe that you can explore with your friends for free.”

No Man's Sky is a procedurally generated universe filled with countless solar systems, planets, moons and space stations waiting to be explored. Players can go out and explore, build bases and participate in trading systems, or focus on the main story where the goal is to journey to the center of the universe.

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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an endless procedurally generated universe. Buy on Steam

Any Mac with an M-series processor supports No Man's Sky. Even the entry-level MacBook Air.

Limited compatibility with Intel is also available. Minimum specs for Intel Macs are an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 4GB Radeon Pro 570X graphics card, and 20GB of internal memory.

As of the morning of February 16, we were unable to find the App Store version. However, the Steam version is available. And if you like what you see, the game is 50% off on Steam.

But first check your library — since it's the same game as other platforms, it's also cross-play compatible, so if you're playing on PC, you can probably already play on Mac. Mac players can play alongside Xbox, Playstation, PC and VR users seamlessly.

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