How to Rewatch the USHER Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

Missed the Super Bowl halftime show or want to watch it again? Here's how to watch a replay of the USHER Halftime Show, get the full setlist, watch behind-the-scenes content and more.

USHER&#8217 Performance at 58 The Super Bowl marks the 25th anniversary of his album “My Way.” and the release of his new album, “COMING HOME.”

Whether you have Apple Music or not, you can watch or re-watch the USHER Halftime Show.

How to (re)watch the USHER Halftime Show

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  • If you have Apple Music, you can watch the show on USHER's Road to Halftime page or in the Browse
  • NFL YouTube Channel

  • The NFL shared a replay of the USHER Halftime Show on its YouTube channel
    • Apple Music didn't do it I shared the show on his YouTube channel, but he has pre-show videos if you haven't seen them yet.

Full setlist and more more from USHER

  • Here is the full setlist from the show.
  • Apple also has a playlist of USHER's Road to Halftime along with a promotional video called “USHER”: 30 years in the making.
  • For more content, visit the Apple Music “Super Bowl Halftime Show” page.
  • Here's a short video of Tim Cook featuring Ludacris
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