New iPads and Macs could arrive as early as this week

New iPad Pro models expected to arrive soon.

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Apple could be days away from launching new iPads and Macs, claims report, with shaky reports of capital retail renovation. and media briefings used as evidence of new releases on the horizon.

The rumor mill seems to believe there will be some sort of Apple product launch in the spring, with new iPad and MacBook Air models on the way. While there is some question as to whether the actual event will happen or not, there are now speculations that it could happen within a few days.

In Supercharged's Sunday report, the outlet combined two pieces of information they said came from two different, unnamed sources. The publication believes that they are connected.

Firstly, retail teams have been informed that they will be updating signage and in-store marketing over the coming week. During the major overhaul scheduled for March 7, employees will replace old demo units with new ones.

This is a typical time for a spring reboot for retail, and has been for over a decade. This in itself does not mean anything.

In a separate statement, the outlet said Apple will hold media briefings with “select representatives” of the press in the coming week.

It is unclear whether these two phenomena are related. However, while the report clarifies that the briefings may have nothing to do with product launches at all and have no information about what the retail update is intended to do, it suggests that this may not be a coincidence.

The report cites statements from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in January about mass production of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air models and a launch sometime in late March. In Sunday's newsletter, Gurman highlighted the March to April launch window.

Supercharged also suggests that a full-scale Apple event could take place in the future, which is in line with Gurman's latest report. Gurman suggested that shorter videos and marketing efforts could be used, which the report also agreed with.

We have assessed this rumor as possible. The rating is not driven by the source because it has an unreliable reputation with its own rumor sources. The timing is possible simply by considering the anticipation that has been building for six months regarding the March 2024 releases.

There is no evidence that the update is anything more than seasonal, and installation of demo models for devices such as the iPad is not planned in advance.

The least that the rumor mill can agree on is that Apple will release something this spring, although perhaps not as an actual Apple event.

As for what might be coming, the list could include a refreshed iPad Air with a larger 12.9-inch variant, OLED iPad Pro updates, and changes to the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.

The 13-inch MacBook Air and 15-inch MacBook Air may finally receive an upgrade to the Apple Silicon M3 chip, bringing it in line with the MacBook Pro line.

There were rumors of a refresh of the Mac mini, although it used the same design instead of a major redesign.

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