Meta Glasses are expected to be introduced in the fall, but won't go on sale for several years.

Apple and Meta won't just compete with their VR headsets—they'll likely be preparing for that later battle, too between Apple Glasses and Meta Glasses.

While both devices are believed to be a few years away, a new report today says we'll get a sneak peek of Meta Glasses later this year & #8230;

After Vision Pro vs Quest, a battle of points is ahead

In what has been nicely described as a hostage video, Mark Zuckerberg recently made the startling announcement that the company&#8217 ;his own headset The Quest 3 was better than the Vision Pro.

But while such headsets will always have value for some applications, the ultimate goal for both companies in terms of mass-market products is a device with the same size, weight and appearance. like regular glasses – with the ability to add glasses. AR content.

This will mean being able to see notifications as they arrive, follow map directions overlaid on the real world, see recipes and timers while cooking, etc.

As we noted earlier, this is an ambitious project, up to which is likely to be years away from being implemented.

Getting them to do everything that is expected of them, Creating a device that runs on battery all day, has shape -factor similar to prescription glasses and affordable enough to become a consumer product (even an Apple product) is an extremely ambitious project. It always took many years.

Reported that Meta Glasses will be presented in the fall

Meta has now released what it calls smart glasses, but as useful as they are, they're little more than a headphone/camera combo unit. But the company is working on a full-fledged augmented reality glasses product.

Business Insider reports that while Meta is nowhere near ready to release them, it plans to introduce them later this year.

Meta plans to show off years of work on new augmented reality glasses during a developer conference this year.

The company's first version of what is considered “true”; The AR glasses, an internal project called Orion, are due to be unveiled this fall, most likely during Meta Connect's annual conference for third-party developers.

The AR team is also being pushed to develop high-tech glasses showcased during Connect, which is why there is internal pressure to ensure high levels of performance, according to two people familiar with the plans, whose identities were confirmed by Business Insider but who asked to remain anonymous so they could speak freely.

Although expected that the prototype would be fully functional, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth described it as being based on a “prohibitively expensive technology path,” ” and therefore it will likely be years before anything is offered for sale to consumers.

Still, it will certainly be interesting to get a sense of where Meta is heading – and compare it to by what we know; We look forward to news from Apple someday.

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