“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” on YouTube will now be delayed

Season 11 premiered last week tonight, but John Oliver's latest video is not yet available on YouTube.

Update: In a statement to 9to5Google this afternoon, an HBO spokesperson confirmed that the network is now &#8220 ;delayed& #8221; when Last Week Tonight will be available on YouTube. “I hope these fans decide to watch the entire show on Max.” WBD credits YouTube with helping make the show a success by providing “flexible viewing of the main story.”

When Tonight with John Oliver premiered on HBO, the convenience of viewing on the Max was non-existent, so YouTube allowed for the flexibility of viewing both the main story and promotional exposition. We are now postponing the release and hope fans will want to watch the entire show on Max.

An HBO spokesperson

The new videos will be posted to YouTube on Thursday, John Oliver said. The comedian “hopes they change their mind.”

Original, 11:59 a.m. PT: Historically, Last Week Tonight posts the main story on YouTube after the episode finishes airing—around 11:30 p.m. ET. – on the West Coast (WCT). This is not a full episode and does not include a weekly recap at the beginning or any final segment after the big topic.

This situation has been observed for many years (10 seasons), but as of Monday morning nothing had been published on YouTube. The entire episode is available on (HBO) Max.

Until the Presidents’ The US holiday may play a role. Another possibility is that Warner Bros. Discovery repositions itself to get more people to sign up – $9.99 per month “Ads-Added”; $15.99/month “No Ads” or $19.99 for Ultimate No Ads; — directly to the streaming service.

After all, why pay when you can just wait a few hours on a Sunday night to upload it to YouTube. (Personally, I found the weekly recap at the top worth subscribing to.) If this is indeed what's going on, the episode could still be posted to YouTube, but over a few days rather than instantly.  

We reached out to Warner Bros. Discovery for more information.

Oliver's videos receive millions of views on YouTube, with the channel's 9.35 million subscribers. There are a couple of videos with 41 million views, and two from last year/season have about 10 million views. Tonight was most recently renewed last week in December and will air three more seasons until 2026. He received 28 Emmy awards. 

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