Apple TV+ Foundation Executives Shocked After Budget Drama

Foundation Poster (Source: Apple TV+)

New Report Claims Apple Showrunner Epic Drama TV+'s The Foundation is changing duties after behind-the-scenes drama about production and budget cuts.

It's not clear what exactly is going on, other than some production and budgeting issues. The report initially claimed that co-creator David S. Goyer was no longer hosting the show, but following the report, a rep for the show said he was retaining the title.

A report published Saturday by The Hollywood Reporter claims that instead of hosting the show on location, Goyer will provide scripts from Los Angeles. Executive producer Bill Bost will produce from the show's main location in Prague.

Other changes include the departure of line producer Laurie Borg. Doug Moreno is said to take over Borg duties.

The reasons for the changes are said to be primarily budgetary. It was previously reported that Apple TV+ is spending $5 million per episode, or $50 million per season.

Production on the third season of The Foundation has already been interrupted due to the 2023 Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA strike. Production was scheduled to resume in February, about two-thirds of the way through the season. still to be shot.

But the actors and crew who arrived in Prague and Poland for filming were sent home. The reason was unspecified production problems, and an inflated budget was also an issue.

In addition, Apple TV+ drama “The Bunker” was also halted during production due to strikes, but has resumed filming for its second season.

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