Rumor: Apple is working on an iOS 18 redesign, but it won't be like VisionOS

No VisionOS elements in iOS 18, report a complaint

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Apple may continue to work on updating the iOS 18 interface with the release of macOS, but they will not look like the new VisionOS interface.

Annual updates to Apple's operating system usually include some interface changes, but there are also bigger changes to come. iOS 18 and the upcoming version of macOS will feature quite a few design changes.

In a Sunday article in Bloomberg's “Power On” newsletter, Mark Gurman reported that Apple is working on a design update for iOS, likely before the end of the year as part of iOS 18.

In At the same time, Apple is also revising the macOS interfaces. However, since work has only recently begun in earnest, the changes will not be published until 2025 or 2026.

As for what design changes to expect, Gurman cautions that they probably won't include any changes. user interface elements included in the latest Apple VisionOS operating system. The use of glass textures and 3D buttons is said to be specifically for VisionOS as it is designed to handle end-to-end video.

Users should be able to “see” real-world elements through glass panels, which applies to Apple Vision Pro but not to iOS on iPhone.

The changes in iOS 18 have previously been described as “ambitious and compelling” and include a host of new features. The development of the operating system has already faced a week-long pause caused by the need to fix bugs.

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