Jump into solar power with the Bluetti Portable Power Station, discounted up to $1,900.

Bluetti's Spring Sale will make your outdoor life unforgettable.

Spring is no longer just around the corner, which means now is the time to take stock of your camping and outdoor gear. Upgrade your system this year with Bluetti to power your favorite must-have devices while exploring the wild.

The Bluetti range of portable energy solutions and solar generators are suitable for a wide range of activities. Products range from compact power stations for RVs or campers to reliable propane-replacement solar units that provide backup electricity for off-grid cabins.

Blueetti's Spring to Solar sale means you can snag one of these solar generators for up to $1,900 off. However, you only have until the 24th; With the onset of spring, these savings melt away.

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Bluetti SwapSolar ecosystem swaps packaging for longer stay

The all-new Bluetti SwapSolar ecosystem extends beyond the new product line to include a hot-swappable power station, mini-fridge and battery pack. This means you can expand your outdoor adventures with the convenient features you needed to have before.

SwapSolar enhances your backpacking adventures.

An ice chest is an essential piece of equipment for camping, fishing or hunting, but the classic ice bag version is a soggy mess. Save yourself the hassle and get Bluetti's MultiCooler, which creates ice instead of melting it.

The MultiCooler is a three-in-one portable mini-fridge with a freezer compartment and an ice maker. The massive 42-liter (40L) compartment has plenty of room for camp goodies (even ice cream) or the day's catch.

The Bluetti multi-charger can operate in temperatures as low as -4F (-20C), and the B70's removable battery makes it easy to switch to a full charge when needed. The battery alone can provide up to six days of outdoor use.

Enjoy portable power from your ground rig.

Part of the SwapSolar ecosystem, the B70 replacement battery is a 716.8 Wh LiPO4 battery with a life cycle of over 3,000 charges. By combining two of them into the AC180T, you can deliver a massive 1800W of continuous power.

The AC180T's capabilities allow you to perform everyday device charging and lift heavy electronic devices such as coffee pots, portable AC units, or projectors. When you need to recharge your batteries, plug the B70 batteries into your vehicle's AC or DC outlet, or use portable solar panels.

Bluetti portable power generators suitable for use on land and outdoors

Turn any countryside spot into a campsite with the compact Bluetti power station. Portable power stations like the AC2A are ideal companions for Jeeps and SUVs, while the larger AC180 is better suited for camping, glamping or self-contained cabins.

The AC2A is compact enough for Jeeps and SUVs.

The AC2A is ideal for off-roading, outdoor photography and even hiking thanks to its compact size 7. 9 lbs. You can power devices like digital cameras, lamps, and even speakers for hours.

To extend outdoor recreation, a 1000W AC70 will be needed to electrify a wider range of household amenities such as blenders or televisions. Plus, charge it with Bluetti's PV200 portable solar panels, delivering a full charge in just two hours.

The AC70 from Bluetti takes glamping to the next level.

A step up from the AC70 is the AC180, which can deliver up to 2700W of power. – lifting mode. This beast of a solar-powered generator can power kitchen appliances like microwaves, portable refrigerators, and coffee makers, making it a must-have for RV camping.

Compare the operating times of your favorite appliances

Here's a quick look at how long you can control your favorite appliances with the various portable solutions in Bluetti's line of camping and outdoor products:

Model Blutti 42-inch LED TV (60 W) Video projector (100 W) Game console (150 W) Rice cooker (250 W) Blender (500 W)
AC2A 2.2 hours 1.5 hours 1 hour 0.6 hours Not supported
AC70 7.8 hours 5.6 hours 3.6 hours 2.2 hours 1.1 hours
AC180 11.9 hours 8 ,3 hours 5.4 hours 3.3 hours 1.7 hours

The Bluetti AC200 line delivers a true off-grid outdoor living experience

Replace those noisy gas generators with Bluetti's AC200 Series solar generators with NEMA TT-30 ports for the AC200L and AC200Max. This line of portable power stations can provide over 2 kWh of power, which is ideal for any off-grid facility you're looking to electrify.

AC200L is an ideal solution for a tent or camping on wheels.

The new Bluetti AC200L boasts a powerful 2400W AC output and 3600W AC output. powerlifting mode on your own. Additionally, you can network the AC200L with expandable batteries to provide a massive 8192Wh capacity.

The renowned AC200MAX remains the ideal off-grid power solution with a 2200W AC inverter, 4800W surge capability and up to 8192Wh capacity using expandable B300 batteries. It also pairs with PV350 solar panels for up to 900W solar charging.

Similarly, the AC200P has 17 output ports to connect everything, including charging pads for wirelessly charging devices. The sky's the limit for backcountry adventures when you have these quiet generators to provide the comfort you need.

Save with the Bluettis Spring Sale

Investing in a solar powered generator, as one of the many energy solutions offered by Bluetti, means you can cut ties with dirty, noisy and fuel-guzzling generators. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you'll also be able to enjoy a quiet and clean campsite or outdoor environment while powering your appliances and electronics.

Bluetti's commitment to sustainable outdoor living is on full display at its Spring Sale. Bluetti's Spring Sale runs from March 7 to 24, allowing you to save up to $1,900 on popular portable power solutions.

Whether you need a backup battery you can throw in your backpack like the AC2A or a comprehensive swappable ecosystem like SwapSolar, Bluetti has a product to meet those energy needs. Find the best portable power station to suit your needs this year at Bluetti's Spring Sale.

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