Meta service outage caused Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Threads to go down

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Update: Services have been restored for most people after being down for 1-2 hours. The most likely explanation is a Meta bug similar to the one that occurred in 2021.

Did you accidentally log out of Facebook? It's not just you. The platform experienced an outage that forced users to log out. The failure will result in your password being rejected, but your password is not incorrect.

Instead of showing a skeleton version of the site, Facebook will automatically exclude you. An error message will appear stating that your login has expired and your credentials will be rejected when you try to log in again.

The outage also affected Instagram and Messenger. Threads too. In any case, there is no need to change your password (yet). You are not being phished.

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3:13 am here in Australia at the time of writing this article. I thought I had been hacked and spent the last half hour or so trying to change my password and log in again, with no luck. Now that I know this is a massive outage, I feel much less stressed.

Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly.

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This is actually a glitch in the meta-service. Even the Meta Quest headsets are disabled, preventing Horizon Worlds from functioning. In other words, the metaverse is broken.

More than 300,000 reports have hit Down Detector since the first report, and Twitter/X is also flooded with reports.

We will post an update when the service returns to normal. We've also reached out for a statement and will add one if we hear back.

Andy Stone, Meta's head of communications, spoke about the outage on Twitter/X:

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  • Instagram introduces new DM features; Threads will come with in-app gestures.
  • Meta Glasses are expected to be introduced in the fall, but will not be sold.
  • Meta wants to turn its Quest headsets into AirPlay receivers.
  • Threads API will be available to developers in June

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