iPhone screen distance protects your eyes, here's how it works

One of the new health features for iPhone and iPad with iOS 17 could help everyone reduce eye strain, as well as reduce eye strain eyes. the risk of developing myopia (nearsightedness) in children. Here's how to use iPhone screen distance and how it works.

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Apple emphasizes Best Keep devices at least 12 inches away from your eyes. But of course, it's easy to get into the habit of using them closer.

So, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 have a handy new feature called Screen Distance that makes it easy to get into the habit of using your iPhone and iPad at a safe distance. For kids, it reduces the risk of nearsightedness, and for everyone, it helps reduce or prevent eye strain.

Here's how Apple describes how it works:

“Screen distance works by measuring distance between the screen and your eyes. The camera does not capture images or video, and the data collected remains on the device and is not transferred to Apple.”

How to use iPhone screen distance

  1. On your iPhone or iPad with Face ID running iOS 17, open the Settings app.
  2. Select Screen Time – now look below and tap Screen Distance strong>.
  3. Now click Continue, then Enable screen distance.

This is what using distance to iPhone screen:

Once you click “Enable Screen Distance”, you're all set.

Shown in the middle and right screenshots below, here's what it looks like with an iPhone or iPad detects that you are holding the device too close.

Once you've lifted it away from your face, click Continue to exit the Screen Distance pop-up.

During my time with Screen Distance, I realized that I tend to use my iPhone too close in the evenings. and this feature really helped me change this habit.

Apple doesn't do that. I can't give an exact time, which is too long to hold iPhones and iPads smaller than 12 inches, but I have seen the Screen Shield pop up in about five minutes, sometimes less.

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I was severely nearsighted in one eye long before smartphones, and as a result, I almost never wore glasses when reading text smaller than 8 point. Even now, when using trifocals, I still take my glasses off and hold a book/phone/whatever 6-10 inches away from my eyes. I, for one, won't be using this “feature.”

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Notably, you can't trick the warning to go away by pointing your iPhone away from your face.

What are you thinking about screen distance? Is this something you will include? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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