Apple and Google tracker abuse feature found in beta code

AirTag will not track anyone if the battery is removed.

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The new beta version of iOS 17.5 contains code that references a long-promised expansion of anti-harassment measures for AirTags and other tracking devices.

The new system, first announced in May 2023, is the result of a collaboration between Apple and Google. It is intended to be an industry standard that means iPhone and Android users get sufficient warning when they are being tracked by any device.

Apple has now released beta test versions of the upcoming iOS 17.5. The text in the code shows a new warning that may be displayed to users in the Find My app.

“This item is not certified on the Apple Find My network,” says the main one spotted by 9to5mac. “You can disable this object and prevent it from sharing its location with its owner.”

Presumably, the Find My app can do something to actively disable the fraudulent AirTag. It is possible that he could use the serial number to block a specific AirTag and thus prevent it from being used for stalking.

However, this function will most likely be simpler. The main warning message continues with the phrase: “To do this [disable the tracker], follow the instructions provided on the website of the manufacturer of this item.”

Although the text confirms that Apple is working on the delayed feature, it is not yet working even in the iOS 17.5 beta. So while it will likely be released soon, there is no guarantee when that will happen.

Given the controversy surrounding the AirTag pursuit, it's possible, but unlikely, that Apple will delay the announcement of this feature along with the expected second generation of AirTags. According to the latest forecasts, AirTags 2 will launch in 2025.

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