Here's your complete guide to gaming on the Apple Vision Pro.

While Apple may not be putting much emphasis on gaming in Apple Vision Pro, that doesn't mean it is. ; this is impossible. MacStories' John Voorhees looks at all the possibilities in his new “ultimate guide to gaming on the Apple Vision Pro.”

“I've spent many hours, bought many equipment and left behind a trail of cables and connectors to bring you a video game guide on the Vision Pro,” he said. John teases. I would expect nothing less from a man who talks too much to Federico Viticci.

This story takes a closer look at several different categories of games on the Apple Vision Pro:

  • Spatial games are available in Apple Arcade and App Store
  • Compatible iPad games
  • Game streaming services
  • Remote play apps
  • NDI Streaming
  • Mirroring on Mac

One of the things I found most interesting in John's story was the section on game streaming services, especially when using Nexus⁺. browser app on Vision Pro:

The usual non-Apple Vision Pro caveats apply to online game streaming. You'll need a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection to get the job done, but if you do, the results can be excellent. Playing classic Nintendo Game Boy games on the big screen is a lot of fun and works well. If you prefer more modern games, GeForce NOW quality is also excellent, and while I found the graphics fidelity of Xbox Cloud Gaming to be lacking at times despite a fast internet connection, the Nexus⁺ makes it incredibly easy to get into the Xbox games it offers. . The best part is that you don't need any hardware other than the Vision Pro to get started, making Internet streaming one of my favorite options.

Before reading John's story, I didn't have… 8217 ;I haven't even considered many of these options. As he also notes, Apple's Vision Pro gameplay could be greatly improved if Apple unlocks the full power of the Developer Strap, as we reported last week.

Head over to MacStories to read John's book. complete story about Apple Vision Pro games. Only the crazy people at MacStories can create stories like this.

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