iPhone 16 Pro could get a new polished, high-gloss titanium finish

iPhone 16 Pro may have a new, more polished titanium finish

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Apple is believed to be using titanium for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro, but a new leak claims an improved the manufacturing process will give it a more polished appearance.

After reports that the iPhone 16 Pro lineup would be getting a color change, a new leak reveals that the finish on each color will look different. According to leaker yeux1122, Apple is introducing a new method for producing a titanium case.

鈥淯nlike the 15 Pro models, the iPhone 16 Pro models are said to have improved titanium processing and color processing,鈥 the leaker writes in a blog post. 鈥淪o there is a possibility that it will be changed to a more polished material, if not externally scratch [resistant].鈥

There are no additional details and certainly no additional sources. So Apple could make improvements that have nothing to do with the titanium finish, such as changing production lines to improve speed or efficiency.

However, if it is true that the change will be visible, it is claimed that the matte titanium appearance of the current iPhone 15 Pro will be replaced by a smoother and even glossier one. It's possible that it will resemble the more polished stainless steel that Apple has used in the past.

However, stainless steel is more prone to scratches, while the polished titanium body should be more scratch-resistant than even the iPhone 15 Pro.

Leak participant “yeux1122” has a successful track record with equipment reports.

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