Apple Watch topographic maps may extend to iPhone in iOS 18

by Aaron Perris

Apple is preparing to add topographic maps to the Apple Maps apps in iOS 18, macOS 15, and VisionOS 2, according to code reviewed by MacRumors.

Topo maps, new in watchOS 10, include trails, contours, elevations, and points of interest—features you can use when hiking. and other outdoor activities where accurate navigation is important.

Since the release of topographic maps, Apple has been expanding support throughout the US, and Apple may be ready to introduce them to iOS, macOS and &zwnj later this year. ;visionOS‌.

The top code for topographic maps was introduced last year, but only ‌watchOS 10‌ there was this feature. At the time, the code was not used in iOS and macOS, but in internal files for ‌iOS 18‌, macOS 15, and ‌visionOS‌ 2, the code is active, which suggests expansion.

The topographic maps feature follows our report yesterday on other possible ‌Apple Maps‌ function, support for custom routes. With Custom Routes, users are expected to be able to create their own routes without being limited by Apple's pre-selected options.

‌‌iOS 18‌‌ will be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 10th. , and it looks like for ‌Apple Maps‌ There will be many new features. For more details on the update, check out our iOS 18 review.

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