How easy it is to see what has been talked about at every WWDC session since 2000

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There's an easy way to see a list of everything Apple has talked about at WWDC sessions since 2000, without having to manually go through Apple's pages. Here's how to do it.

WWDC is an invaluable resource for developers. Recorded sessions provide valuable information to Apple developers and experts.

Since the turn of the century, Apple has spoken on thousands of different topics. There are so many of them that it is difficult to go through them all.

However, the company's web pages are not very convenient for displaying them. But independent developer Nonstrict has released a new index page detailing every WWDC session since 2000.

Using the WWDC Nonstrict index, you can see all 3,428 sessions, view all sessions by year, and find short Apple Tech Talks. thematic recorded discussions of development topics.

You can also export the entire index to JSON if you prefer.

If you're a new developer, be sure to check out a few other developer pages on Apple's site:

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  2. Xcode Resources
  3. Apple Developer Documentation
  4. Paths
  5. Technology
  6. Technical Notes

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