Apple is in talks to license Google Gemini AI for iPhone

Google#039;s Gemini is already an app, but may become part of iOS 18

Google's controversial Gemini generative artificial intelligence technology could be integrated directly into Apple's iOS to improve Siri.

It is now regularly reported that Apple plans to improve the AI ​​for Siri and release iOS with much more integrated and prominent AI at WWDC 2024. Now, a sketchy report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is in licensing talks with Google. AI Gemini last.

It's already possible to run Gemini as an app, but the report says there are active talks now going on for Apple to license Gemini, Google's suite of generative AI models, to support some unspecified new iOS. functions. These features are expected to appear in the upcoming iOS 18 this year.

Apple recently held talks with OpenAI, according to Bloomberg. Unidentified sources involved in the talks said Apple was considering using the OpenAI model.

It is unclear whether the negotiations with Google mean that Apple has decided to abandon OpenAI ChatGPT technology.

If talks do lead to an artificial intelligence partnership between Apple and Google, it will build on the two companies' existing search agreements. The deal is worth $20 billion a year to Apple, according to testimony in the Justice Department's antitrust case against Google.

Given Google's investigation has repeatedly focused on the terms of the Apple deal, it is likely that regulators will have to approve any artificial intelligence partnership.

Gemini is Google's latest artificial intelligence system, a renamed and redesigned version of the original Bard technology. Google Bard was poorly received. However, Gemini also has serious problems: Google lost the ability to create images of people, and most recently limited its responses related to the election.

However, after the report, CNBC reported that shares of Google parent company Alphabet rose 2.7% in premarket trading.

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