Gourmet: Apple Watch's own display project canceled, but microLED products still expected

Spring cleaning continues at Apple. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple no longer plans to design or manufacture its own displays for the Apple Watch. Apple has reportedly been exploring the transition from OLED to custom microLED screens since at least 2016.

The R&D project is a research and development project, according to Mark Gurman # The cancellation of 8217 led to dozens of job cuts in Apple's display division. However, he adds that the company continues to invest in microLED technology for future products.

So why didn’t it work? The challenge, explains Gurman:

Despite all the advantages, microLED screens have been difficult to produce in sufficient quantities. Their production required advanced technology and a complex process called LED transfer—the placement of pixels on a display. Although Apple owned the design and manufacturing process for microLED screens, it brought in a number of partners to handle mass production and tasks such as LED porting.

This is the second expensive research and development project that has been cancelled. . from Apple this year. Apple also abandoned its ambitious project to develop an autonomous electric vehicle.

Between the release of the Apple Vision Pro and the completion of the car and microLED projects, Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to prepare for his possible departure from the company.

In 2021, Cook said he had no plans to work for Apple in 10 years. Now it looks like microLED products may not materialize until a new CEO takes the reins of the company.

In the meantime, head over to Bloomberg for the full report.

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