WWDC, Apple Ring and five years of Apple TV+ in the AppleInsider podcast

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We are now We have a date for WWDC 2024, we have perhaps more ideas than ever about what exactly it will cover, and we have an ever-growing rumor of a smart Apple Ring. All we need now is the release of new iPads.

We came not to bury secure HomeKit routers, but to note that in the five years since the announcement of this Internet security, almost nothing has happened to it. Whereas Apple TV+, also launched in 2019, is gaining momentum.

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For all the listeners out there, this week's AppleInsider Podcast talks about everything that's good about Apple TV+ and everything that's promising about the possible arrival of the Apple Ring. And also the strange case of HomeKit Secure Router and what happened to it.

In addition, there is a real chance of releasing any hardware at WWDC and hosting William Gallagher's iPad Pro adventures in London.

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  • Greg Joswiak gave a not-so-subtle hint about what's to come at WWDC.
  • WWDC 2024 will showcase Apple's artificial intelligence efforts on June 10.
  • The upcoming iOS 18 will offer a more customizable Home screen
  • Apple's big announcement at WWDC 2024 could be the AI ​​App Store
  • Apple may not release its own generative chatbot in iOS 18
  • Apple AI, VisionOS 2.0, iOS 18: what to expect from Apple during WWDC 2024 June 10
  • Apple Smart Ring Smart Ring can detect when you snap your fingers
  • Apple Ring Rumors & research – what you need to know about Apple's next wearable device
  • Apple has actually abandoned HomeKit secure routers
  • About Apple TV+ was announced five years ago, on March 25, 2019.
  • The second season of Severance is still in production, but the release date is unclear.
  • Apple forgot that it had already released iPadOS 17.4.1
  • Apple responds to DOJ antitrust lawsuit, refuting all claims
  • Phil Schiller will be a defender of the Apple ecosystem for a long time.
  • AirPods & Apple Watch Market Share Analysis Opens Discussion on Consumer Choice
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