Don't lose your $3,500 Apple Vision Pro: You won't be able to track its location

Joe Rossignol

If you buy a shiny new Vision Pro, be extra careful not to lose it. Unlike the iPhone and many other Apple devices, the headset does not have Find My location tracking.

In a new support document, Apple has confirmed that the Vision Pro's location cannot be viewed in the Find My app on another Apple device or on Of the Find My family of features, Vision Pro only supports Activation Lock, which ensures that a thief cannot erase or re-set up the headset unless he knows the owner's Apple ID and password.

“When you turn on Find My, you “protect your Vision Pro with Activation Lock, but you can't use another Apple device or the Internet to find Vision Pro on a map, play audio to help you find it, turn it into lost mode, or remotely wipe it,” says Apple.

While it's nice to know that a thief can't easily wipe your Vision Pro and set it up with their own Apple ID, the inability to track its location in the Find My app is a noteworthy omission for a headset that starts at $3,499. Ultimately, this means that if you lose your Vision Pro, you may be out of luck short of filing a police report.Unlike the iPhone, there is currently no AppleCare+ plan against theft and loss for the Vision Pro.

Although many people will primarily use the Vision Pro at home as an entertainment device, which will greatly reduce the risk of headset theft, Apple encourages the use of the Vision Pro in airplanes and other settings away from home. The headset may be especially attractive to thieves given its high price.

It's unclear why the Vision Pro doesn't support Find My location tracking, but the headset's lack of a built-in battery and GPS may contribute to this. .

Use an AirTag

One option for tracking the location of your Vision Pro is to purchase an Apple travel case and place an AirTag in it, and then it is likely that Accessory manufacturers will offer solutions to attach the AirTag directly to the headset.

Vision Pro owners can also ensure that Activation Lock is enabled by opening the Settings app, selecting Find My, and selecting Find My Vision Pro.

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