Should you buy a new iPad now? Probably not, but maybe

Thinking about upgrading your iPad in 2024? If you can help it, you might want to wait for the line-wide updates planned for this year. However, there may be circumstances in which it makes sense to purchase a new iPad now. Read on for buying tips, what we can expect from Apple's next generation of tablets, a comparison of the current lineup, whether you need one now, and more.

How As you probably know, Apple hasn't released any new iPads in 2023. The last major updates to the line were in October 2022.

Looking ahead, we expect new iPad Pro and Air models this spring – as early as March. And later this year, iPad and iPad mini hardware will be updated.

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Is it worth buying a new iPad now?


  • iPad Pro – wait until March, if you can
  • iPad Air – wait until March if you can
  • iPad (10) – possibly – iPad 11 expected no earlier than late 2024
  • iPad mini (6) – possibly – iPad mini 7 expected no earlier than late 2024.

Tips for buying iPad Pro and Air

If you know you want one of these models, wait until March if possible. You can either go with the latest and greatest version, or purchase the previous generation at a greater discount.

If for any reason you can't wait or find a good discount, the main thing you can do is: It is expected that with With the new iPad Pro, we'll miss out on the move to OLED displays and the latest M-series chip. And the next-generation iPad Air is expected to be offered in a new 12.9-inch variant along with a 10.9-inch size and updated Apple Silicon.

Tips for buying an iPad and iPad mini

No major changes are expected with the next generation iPad and iPad mini, but they should come with updated chips, most likely , A16 Bionic (the iPad 10 currently uses the A14, and the iPad mini 6 uses the A15 Bionic).

Depending on whether you can wait until late 2024 (potentially fall), and If upgrading the processor isn't important to you, it might make sense to buy the current generation iPad or iPad mini now if the price is right.

How does the current iPad line-up compare?

If you need a new iPad soon, here's how the current line-up compares:

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What do you think of the current iPad lineup and what can be expected from future devices in 2024? ? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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