Apple will expand SharePlay music control to HomePod and Apple TV in iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4.

Apple Music

In the next update, Apple will allow friends and family to control the music played on HomePod or Apple TV — and here's how you can do it in beta.

SharePlay is a feature related to FaceTime and iMessage that allows users to interact with apps and media simultaneously. It was introduced with iOS 15 as a FaceTime feature and later added to iMessage with iOS 16.

The feature allowed users to watch movies, listen to music, and do Apple Fitness+ workouts together. But it is not in HomePod and Apple TV — until now. The new feature was spotted by MacRumors.

This feature is currently limited to the Apple Music app, but users do not need an Apple Music subscription to participate. However, users need primary user permission.

To use SharePlay with HomePod, primary users can tap the SharePlay icon at the bottom of the Music app screen. It will display a QR code that other users can scan with their smartphone. Scanning the code gives you access to music controls.

To use SharePlay with Apple TV, primary users can provide guests with a QR code to scan. Scanning the code gives you access to music controls.

The first beta version of iOS 17.4 is out, and it's an unusually large update. In addition to new features and new emoji, Apple is also allowing third-party EU app stores, and there are links to unreleased devices.

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