Apple Vision Pro AR Preview and In-Store Pickup Available

Can't wait to get your hands on Apple Vision Pro? You can get closer than ever while you count down the days until launch with a preview of Apple AR hardware. Apple is also revealing more about launch day inventory at Apple retail stores in the US.

Want to fool your friends and pretend you have Apple Vision . About early? You can view spatial computing equipment in augmented reality in the Apple Store app on iPhone and iPad.

Just look for the AR button in the Vision Pro section to enter the imaginary land of owning Vision Pro before it actually happens. Launches. You can even take a photo from all angles, including shadows, but keep in mind that, like vampires, AR AVP has no reflection.

Want to test the real thing? Apple hosts demo weekends at Apple Stores to convince you to make a purchase. Will stores actually have the equipment on launch day? The base model (256GB, $3,499) ships within a month of launch. Store inventory could be more promising, however, with Apple promising a 12 p.m. PT today for more information. This is new.

If you plan to go in and out of a store with the Vision Pro, set your alarm for noon PT/3 EST today to appear to start pre-ordering items in the store& #8230; May be. This is a new message for Apple.

Update: Message to check today at 12:00 pm Pacific Time. PT was replaced by… Check back later. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

Update 2: Apple is now showing in-store pickup options starting February 3rd.

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