Apple Music Adds New Daily Mix “Heavy Rotation Mix”

New “Heavy Rotation Mix”; in Apple Music

Apple has quietly added another favorite station to Apple Music – Heavy Rotation Mix, which is updated daily.

Following Valentine's Day stations “Love” and “Heartbreak”, Apple Music has added another automatically generated playlist of your favorite tracks. While the existing favorites mix is ​​updated weekly, the new Heavy Rotation mix changes every day.

“The tracks you can't get enough of, all in one place,” reads the Apple Music description. “Updated daily.”

Exactly the same as in the case of “Favorites Mix” and “Get Up!” Mix, a new playlist featuring 25 songs selected based on how often the user has played them. “Heavy Rotation” is a radio term for a song that is played very often, so it is likely that this mix is ​​also based on frequency of play.

This means that Apple Music now introduces three playlists or stations specifically designed for music that the user plays frequently. In addition to the “Heavy Rotation” and “Favorites” mixes, there is a station named after the user.

Then “Get Up!” Mix” is usually, but not exclusively, filled with user favorites, and there's also a new monthly playlist called Replay.

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