Astropad introduces an improved iPad version of pen-to-paper drawing with Rock Paper Pencil v2

Last summer, Astropad released the impressive Rock Paper Pencil set for iPad, which includes a reusable/removable matte screen protector and a ballpoint pen. Stylish Apple Pencil tip for true pen-to-paper drawing. Now the company has released Rock Paper Pencil v2 with NanoCling frame, flat profile, improved Apple Pencil tip and more.

Rock Paper Pencil was one of my favorite Apple accessories of 2023 (full review). At a reasonable price, it offers a matte iPad screen protector that creates an incredibly realistic pen-on-paper feel.

Here's what's included in version 1:

  • Matte Nano-Texture Screen Protector simulates paper and reduces glare
    • Instantly attaches and removes
    • Maintains color quality
    • No bubbles
    • Protective case included.
  • Fine ballpoint pen tip for Apple Pencil
    • Precise control
    • Smooth and even feel
    • Included in the package two tips

Rock Paper Pencil Updates v2

Astropad has now released Rock Paper Pencil v2. You get the above features of version 1, and based on user feedback, the new version includes several valuable updates.

  • NanoCling Edge Attachment
    • Stronger than magnets.
    • Easy to remove and reuse, non-stick, non-marking.
    • Completely flat profile – 40% thinner than v1 magnetic frame.
  • Reinforced Apple Pencil tip
    • Palladium-plated copper alloy core
    • Wide inner lock for durability
    • Precision 0.7mm ballpoint pen tip – 30% thinner than version 1.
  • Price: $39.99.

Rock Paper Pencil v2 is available for all current iPads and most iPads released in recent years.

You can purchase Rock Paper Pencil v2 directly from the Astropad website for $39.99 ( $5 less than version 1).

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