Apple IDs may be renamed “Apple Accounts” by the end of 2024.

The familiar Apple ID can be renamed to “Apple Account”;

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Apple is reportedly considering renaming the Apple ID to “Apple Account” and may make This is a change until the end of 2024.

An Apple ID is how users sign in to Apple services, and it's such a familiar part of using the Apple ecosystem that it's not thought about until a user wants to combine two or more Apple IDs.

Apple ID is now an integral part of everything related to Apple. that it is difficult to say exactly when it started. Aside from the failed eWorld in the '90s or the dealer-only AppleLink in the '80s, users first had to log in with iTools in 2000.

Even then this service was free. therefore there was no need for credit card registration and therefore less need for security. Then the iTunes Music Store came out in 2003, and logging in was now more commonly and more formally referred to as Apple ID.

So, 24 years or just 21, the Apple ID has been a part of an Apple user's life for decades — and now that may change.

According to MacRumors, Apple is considering renaming the login ID to “Apple Account.” This could happen before the end of 2024, in which case it's reasonable to expect that the rebrand could launch alongside the upcoming iOS 18 and the next version of macOS.

There are no details about why Apple would consider this, and there is no certainty about whether it will happen.

If this isn't just a cosmetic rebrand, perhaps Apple will change or improve the Apple ID in some way to differentiate it from the previous model. However, other than the possibility of finally merging IDs or somehow linking ID to wider adoption of the Apple Card, it's hard to imagine what other features it might bring.

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