Apple employees offered Apple Watch Milanese Loop straps at a 40% discount

Apple Watch Milanese Loop

Apple has started offering employee discounts on some of its Apple Watch bands, but it's unclear if needed Prepare for changes in the next Apple Watch models.

Apple regularly offers its products to corporate and retail employees at discounts, and better deals are available when trying to reduce inventory. One such discount is now being offered on a range of Apple Watch bands.

Apple employees are being offered a 40% discount on select Link and Milanese Loop bracelets, reports MacRumors. As a result, the price of the Link bracelet for employees has decreased from $349 to $209, and the price of the Milan bracelet has decreased from $99 to $59.

These aren't the only discounted groups: various Black Unity and Pride Edition groups are also on sale internally for up to 50% off. Oddly enough, the color variation of the Midnight sports bracelet is also on sale at a discount.

Apple changes discounts on its products from time to time, but discounts are most noticeable when Apple wants to run out of product inventory. This usually occurs before new replacement products are available.

For example, in September the company offered employees discounts on Hermes leather accessories with up to 90% off. This was done ahead of Apple's September event and the presentation of the FineWoven line of leather-replacement accessories.

However, since Apple will likely wait until the fall to introduce a new Apple Watch model, a steep discount on strap models due for spring replacement seems extremely early.

Complicating matters are rumors that Apple will be making changes to the Apple Watch for its tenth anniversary, and a redesign of the connectors appears to be a possibility.

Although Apple has managed to maintain the use of a single-lane connector over the years, this will not happen in future models if this rumor turns out to be true.

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