A rare original iPhone with 4GB memory is up for sale, how much is it worth? [Update]

Last year we saw a decrease in auction prices for original sealed iPhones. But in July, a very rare 4GB model tripled the record, selling for $190,000. So, the first sealed original 4GB iPhones will be auctioned in 2024. Can he break the $190,000 record?

Update 3/25/24: After a high bid of At just $17,000, two days ago the final price for this sealed original iPhone soared to six figures.

Although it didn't materialize. setting a new record, the final price for this rare original sealed 4GB iPhone was $130,027. That's in line with the model's last three models, which we've seen sell for between $133,000 and $190,000.

To recap: The original 4GB iPhone is more valuable than the 8GB version because Apple only produced the smaller capacity for two months and there are very few rare unopened models left.

Auction record for the original sealed one The 8GB iPhone costs $63,000, which is one-third what the 4GB variant sold for last year. in the summer.

However, after auctioning a 4GB iPhone for $190,000, LCG Auctions sold one for $133,000, and RR Auction sold one for just $87,000.

LCG Auctions now has one of the rare original sealed 4GB iPhones up for sale with a starting bid of $10,000.

The auction will run for two weeks.

You can check the listing right now on LCG, here’here's how the auction house describes this sealed original iPhone:

Our current offering is identical to the record holders mentioned above – This is the first 4GB model in factory sealed condition. The impressive front panel of the box is vibrant in color with no signs of fading. There are few imperfections. Seven of the eight corners are sharp, all edges are flawless, and each of the six panels looks factory fresh and remains in perfect shape. The factory seal is clean, the seams are correct and sealed. Very light shelf. The labels on the reverse side under the seal remain in their original form. Brand new, never activated.  An impressive example!  Model A1203, order MA501LL/A, 4 GB)

What do you think? Will this auction break a record? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Image from the LCG auction

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