Apple DIY Repair Expands to M3 Macs

Apple DIY Repair

New support documents suggest Apple's self-service program will soon expand to iMacs and MacBooks.

The self-repair program launched in 2022 for iPhones and then expanded to include Mac computers in 2023. While all parts and repair options are not available, it allows adventurous users to perform certain repair tasks away from official Apple repair providers.

According to support documents first spotted by MacRumors, the self-repair program will soon be expanded to include M3 Macs. Repair guides and some tools have already appeared, but the rollout is not yet complete as Apple has yet to make an official announcement.

Highlighted repairs available include MacBook bottom case replacement and required part numbers for iMac internal repairs.

Apple may announce the availability of a self-repair service for M3 Macs at any time in the coming days. Of course, customers can always have their devices repaired by an authorized service provider.

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