Google Maps has finally introduced convenient routes

by Tim Hardwick

More than a year after the feature was announced, Google Maps is finally bringing Viewable Directions to Android and iOS (via Android Police).

This feature allows users to view turn-by-turn directions and real-time ETA directly from their device's lock screen—information that was previously only visible when the phone was on. unlocked.

Routes view also works in the app's route overview screen, which appears after routes are launched, before users press the Start button. Google Maps will show directions, provide estimated time of arrival, and even update the route if the user chooses a different route, as shown in the GIF embedded below.

Viewable routes are disabled by default, but can be turned on in the main settings applications in the “Navigation” section. In our iPhone tests, this setting only appeared after switching Google accounts, suggesting the feature is still being rolled out. However, we still haven't seen the Live Activity support in iOS that was promised a year ago.

Google first announced Browsable Destinations last February, and in June said the feature was being rolled out . month for walking, biking and driving routes on Android and iOS, including compatibility with Live Activity in iOS 16.1.

Based on resources recently discovered by MacRumors in an earlier version of the app, Google Maps continues to work on integrating Live Activity support for the iPhone, but when we'll see it is just a guess at this point.

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