These new emoji will come to iPhone in iOS 17.4.

Apple updates iPhone with even more emoji. iOS 17.4 introduces new ways to express approval or rejection, break chains, rise from the ashes, or simply declare that limes are superior to lemons. And then there's the mushroom, which looks less like Mario World and more like a grocery store.

New emoji characters are also available in macOS 14.4 for Mac, watchOS 10.4 for Apple Watch, and iPadOS 17.4 for iPad. For Apple Vision Pro owners, they'll be coming in the VisionOS 1.1 developer beta.

Here's a closer look at all six new emoji characters coming to sale. iPhone:

iOS 17.4 is currently in developer beta and public beta. Apple is expected to unveil it publicly in early March.

Which new emoji is your favorite? What emoticon is still missing? Share your opinion in the comments!

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