The new iPad Air will feature a horizontal front-facing camera, new rumors say

The new iPad Pro and iPad Air lines will appear this month. Ahead of these presentations, there are rumors that the new iPad Air will have a big design change: a horizontal front-facing camera.

With the release of the tenth generation iPad in 2022, Apple moved the front camera to the horizontal side of the device for the first time. time. This means that when iPad 10 is in landscape orientation or used with the Magic Keyboard Folio, the front camera is correctly positioned at the top of the device.

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac discovered evidence in iPadOS 17.4 hinting that the new iPad Pro models will get the same thing. “When setting up Face ID, your iPad should be in landscape orientation with the camera at the top of the screen. Once setup is complete, Face ID works in portrait and landscape orientation” says a new message in iPadOS 17.4.

A new report says changes will also be made to the new iPad Air models this year. In a Weibo post, Instant Digital leader” says: “The camera position of the iPad Air 6 10.9/12.9 has been moved to the horizontal center”; (via MacRumors).

This means that the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad 10 will have the front camera in the same place. This brings together what was previously an exclusive design for the iPad 10.

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