Sideloading EU App Store Apps and Fee Changes, Vision Pro Reviews, iOS 17.4 Features

Benjamin and Chance take a closer look at all the changes to the App Store announced in response to the EU Digital Markets Act and discuss whether there are whether anyone has the incentive to take the leap. Plus, the first reviews of Apple's Vision Pro have come out ahead of its release on Friday, and iOS 17.4 contains some exciting new features, with code links anticipating the integration of AI in iOS 18.

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  • Apple Vision Pro Reviews Summary
  • Nine Vision Pro Transition Problems: “ VR tries to be AR.”
  • New Vision Pro news and full MKBHD hands-on video.
  • You can't edit the Apple Vision Pro home screen: VisionOS apps are arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Vision Pro does not allow you to save web apps to your home screen.
  • Can you cook with Vision Pro? Here are the pros and cons [Video]
  • Here's what it's like to use Vision Pro as your Mac's external display.
  • Apple announces support for third-party iPhone app stores in the EU coming with iOS 17.4 .
  • Apple says creators of third-party app marketplaces must have a €1,000,000 “letter of credit.”
  • Apple announces reduced fee structure for apps in Europe.
  • Apple now allows apps to stream games on the App Store.
  • Apple shares details about the new default web browser prompt in iOS 17.4.
  • iPad users will miss out on third-party app stores, browser engines, and more .
  • Apple will prompt users to set default browsers and allow third-party web engines on iPhones in the EU.
  • Spotify CEO criticizes Apple App Store changes; Apple responds [U]
  • Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says recent App Store changes are an “anti-competitive scheme rife with unwanted fees”
  • Fortnite returns to iOS (EU) via the new “Epic Store.”
  • Microsoft calls Apple's proposed changes to the App Store a “step in the wrong direction.”
  • Apple Podcasts now offers auto-generated transcripts in iOS 17.4.
  • iOS 17.4 beta 1: here are all the new features and changes
  • Apple Music SharePlay control expands from CarPlay to HomePod. and Apple TV
  • iOS 17.4: Apple continues to work on AI-powered Siri and Messages features with ChatGPT
  • iOS 17.4 beta hints at new iPad with landscape camera Face ID
  • iOS 17.4 beta hints at a new iPad with a horizontal Face ID camera
  • iOS 17.4 li>
  • Gourmet: New iPad Pro and MacBook Air M3 are already in production, release is scheduled for the end of March

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