iPhone 16 Pro Rumored to Get a Capture Button with DSLR-style Focus Function

iPhone 16 Pro Mockup with Extra Shooting Button Rumour assessment   馃 Possible

Although there have been rumors for some time that the iPhone 16 will get a photo button, now there are rumors that it is possible. to have an autofocus option as well as simple tap and shoot.

The grip button has been rumored since around September 2023, with one report in January 2024 suggesting it could be pressure sensitive. A brief new leak on Chinese social media site Weibo claims to confirm this and also reveals what the pressure sensitivity will be used for.

Weibo user Instant Digital says in translation that the sensitivity 鈥渃orresponds to the shooting… function of the camera.鈥

鈥淸Users] tap gently to focus and tap again to take a photo,鈥 the statement further reads. 鈥淭hanks to this button, the mobile phone turns completely towards the photo.鈥

Although the last point is awkwardly worded by machine translation, this means that this will give the iPhone 16 Pro the same physical control that a DSLR camera has. This also means that Instant Digital believes this is another step that brings the iPhone closer to a professional camera.

This supports claims that the capture button will be pressure sensitive, but these reports suggest it could also be touch sensitive. Touch sensitivity is supposed to allow the user to change the zoom level directly on the button.

The number and specificity of rumors about the capture button are so great that such an option seems possible, if not entirely probable. However, Instant Digital did not indicate the source of its statement.

Separately, there were other rumors about improving the camera, as well as increasing the display.

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