Reddit's Data Sharing Agreement with Cision Extended Post-IPO

After the company's successful IPO and a deal with Google to allow Reddit posts to be used as training data, another sharing agreement was signed data from Reddit – this time from Cision.

The data will likely be used to help companies understand consumer perceptions of their brands and gain insight into comments on their products. …

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Reddit was clearly looking for ways to increase its perceived value ahead of its initial public offering, and signed a data collection agreement with Google back in February.

This is the first we've heard about this access to Reddit user-generated content was sold to an unnamed artificial intelligence company to help it train large language models, and the company was later identified as Google.

The company pitched it as a way to further spread Reddit posts. In Google's results, AI training is mentioned almost in passing at the end, but the IPO filing lists it as being valued at $230 million.

Agreement with Cision

Cision is a PR company that helps companies advertise their products and services in the media and also provides press monitoring services. The latter highlights brand coverage in the media, while also helping companies understand consumer perceptions of their products and brands.

Reddit announced the expanded partnership, saying Redditors “are real people having real conversations.” 8221; and brands need to hear what they have to say.

Reddit users are real people having real conversations – and brands won't find them anywhere else. 

Accessing and monitoring these public conversations is critical for organizations providing products and tools that help their clients manage, track and collect social media information about consumers. That's why we're building on our partnership with Cision, expanding the connection between Cision and the Reddit Data API.

Like Google, Cision is also committed to using data to develop artificial intelligence tools.

This collaboration allows brands to gain greater insight into audiences now, while also helping drive future innovation. Leveraging the Reddit Data API, Cision plans to accelerate the development of its proprietary AI-powered brand reputation analytics and audience analytics technologies across its suite of products. This will allow PR professionals, marketers and researchers to benefit from the latest market developments and gain a competitive advantage.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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