People are already forgetting their Apple Vision Pro passwords and having to go to Apple.

The Optics ID is used for most operations, but a passcode is still required

Apple Vision Pro users have no way to forget their password other than visiting an Apple Store or sending in the headset for a reset.

Apple prides itself on providing secure devices that are locked with biometrics and passwords. However, human error thwarts any security protocol.” no matter how many protections there are.

Apple's help lines are receiving “a lot” of complaints about forgotten passwords, according to a Bloomberg report. An anonymous source says that support staff have been told to tell users there is a fix in the store or by mail – that's all that's possible.

Other products, such as iPhones, can be reset by connecting them to your Mac and putting them into Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. The customer can even reset the Apple Watch if they have forgotten the password.

One of the Apple community forum members shared his experience contacting Apple support with this problem. The customer service agent complained, “he had to deal with a lot of angry customers after telling them the only option was to go back to the store.”

Apple Vision Pro requires a six-digit passcode during setup before enabling Optic ID. Users can choose not to use a password, eliminating the use of biometrics for security and login purposes.

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