MagSafe Monday: UGREEN Nexode Offers the Ultimate MagSafe and Mac Laptop Charging Solution for Minimalists

For Mac laptops, there's no shortage of Thunderbolt docking hubs that make it easy to connect multiple monitors and keep all your devices charged. At my desk, I like to take a minimalist approach. I don't have many accessories. I don't have multiple monitors. My goals are simple: keep it clean and charged (Macbook Pro and iPhone/AirPods Pro). With these goals in mind, the UGREEN Nexode 100W USB C Charger with 15W MagSafe Charger Wireless Cradle was the perfect solution for my needs.

MagSafe Monday: Every Monday, Bradley Chambers brings you the latest and greatest in MagSafe and the wireless charging industry to help you get the most out of your Apple devices that support wireless charging.


The UGREEN Nexode 100W USB C Charger with 15W MagSafe Charger Wireless Cradle can charge up to four devices simultaneously. Obviously, your power is limited to 100W, so depending on what devices you plug in, charging will be slower.

UGREEN Nexode has 2 USB C ports, 1 USB A port and a MagSafe wireless docking station that supports any MagSafe compatible device. With MagSafe mount, you can easily adjust the magnetic plate up to 65° to find the perfect position for your iPhone. The durable magnetic grip allows your iPhone to rotate 360° smoothly. This feature allows you to easily watch videos and join video calls, while reliably charging your device and ensuring it stays in place without the risk of slipping. It also supports standby mode.

As for USB-C, my Mac is connected to the UGREEN Nexode via a standard USB-C cable. While I miss MagSafe charging, I love the simplicity it brings to my desk. My Mac stays charged and I can easily plug in my iPhone to charge it, or even put my AirPods on the MagSafe block to charge them.

How is the power distributed among each port?

  • Single Output Charging:When using UGREEN Nexode charges one device and increases output power to 100W for fast charging.
  • Dual Output Charging: Using two outputs of UGREEN Nexode, charging power is distributed between the ports. One port provides 65W of power in one variant and the other 30W, resulting in a total power output of 95W. In another configuration, the power is balanced, with both ports delivering 45W each for a total of 90W. In my setup, connecting a Mac and iPhone at the same time limits the Mac's power to 65W.
  • Triple Output Charging: Charging three devices on the UGREEN Nexode further changes the power distribution. . One configuration provides output power of 45W, 30W and 22.5W for a total of 97.5W. Another configuration divides the power into 65 W for the first port and 22.5 W for the second and third ports, for a total of 110 W.
  • Four-output charging:Charging capacity is shared between each port when all four outputs are used. This will result in the slowest charging for your Mac (if it can handle the power consumption)

To sum up the UGREEN Nexode

There's nothing special about the UGREEN Nexode, but it's the perfect minimalist charging solution. The MagSafe dock is foldable, so you can quickly charge your AirPods Pro on it. Please note: if your Mac is plugged in and then another device is plugged in, your Mac will think for a second that it is switching to battery as the UGREEN Nexode redistributes power to the other device.

You can buy it on Amazon or directly to UGREEN.

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